4 thoughts on “Maintenance Over

  1. Looking good! I like how you separated the chapters to different pages by generation as well. Or is that an old feature I missed until just now? >.>

    Anyhoo! The generational pictures are awesome! And Gen 2’s is intriguing. Is that somewhat androgynous creature to the right a pale Samira, or someone else? And…is that Franco’s old school therapist?! Does she make another return!? So many questions left unanswered!

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    • Nope, separating by generation is new. I was thinking ahead and how Annette got 60 chapters. Franco’s projected to get at least that many. Putting that all on one page PLUS future generations is…eurgh! 😛

      Pale guy is a new family friend who gets introduced in a couple of chapters. I wanted an ensemble picture and had that one and no will to shoot another.

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