Maintenance Warning

Nothing that should truly break my site, but stuff.

Yeah I’m redoing my chapter numbering system. What kept me up at night was thinking about the future…who’s gonna want to be a new reader when I’m advertising Chapter 400? Or even 100.

So I’m renaming regular chapters with the tried-and-true [number of generation].[number of chapter in this generation] format. Is it assimilation? Plagiarism? Eh. 😛

Joanna’s chapters are more complicated. So they’re numbered separately as “Joanna 1”, “Joanna 2”, etc. They’re not chapters to her, and it was messing up my own internal numbering when it came to Joanna saying which chapter she was on to label her present adventures as just more chapters.

This is also eventual stuff to roll out so don’t kill yourselves staying up watching for it.

Beyond that, I have some horrifying typos and messy author’s notes to comb through for. And the occasional piece of cringy writing. This isn’t anywhere close to the sweeping revisions made in the Summer of 2015 (never forget), so don’t feel the need to force a re-read. Everything’s the same story-wise.

I’m nearing my two-year anniversary of this story so thanks to y’all for the support.

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