Purple Day is an excuse for me to wear my favorite flannel.

It’s also a day to remember dead sims. What more fitting of a story! The point of Cicadas is that everyone will die and unfortunately live first.

Annette is one of the few exceptions, but I can’t help but think of what haunts her past. I can rely on fans to wax poetic about the tragic demise of actual main characters, but who died before we met Annette? My guess is her humanity and innocence. Your guess could be right too!

Also, a lot of people miss Sinbad and felt bad for Carmen. R.I.P. to those cheeky lumps of Clay.

(I found a purple marker at work and thought I could match Carmen’s color scheme with it. But it’s a thick marker and my drawing of her looked sooooo much better.)

3 thoughts on “#PurpleDay

  1. I love this. As I wrote in my Purple Day post, the only Sim I actually felt sad about today was your Sinbad (and of course, Julian and Amy). I didn’t mourn any of my Sims this year–had a lot fewer deaths, for one thing. But for another, my experience of Simming was different.

    Still, your story always hits me good and hard! 🙂 (Just how I like it 😉 )

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    • I feel sad about Sinbad too. I was running out of ideas for him, but he probably had a lot to look forward to. And this was a year of growth for him! Like, from “Happy House” to “The Blockade” and “Shadow of Her Horns” is one fulfilling ride. He could’ve had another great year. 😦

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